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Our Story

Inspire Crew's story starts back in the second half of 2017. This is when Project Wild Women was the whole and sole purpose of all efforts, a documentary featuring 14 women athletes across 11 extreme sports in India. While working on the documentary, Kopal was very much aware that the idea she is working on, is not limited to this film but it's beyond, and over time, after having the proof of concept, Inspire Crew got launched.


Our prerogative is to create a platform to put forward and advance the involvement of people in extreme sports and related ecosystems by keeping women at the forefront, give them an identity, bridge the gap between extreme and mainstream sports, the relation with performance, and the connection with other cultures and the natural world.

Believe it or not, patriarchy is the prime obstacle to women’s advancement and development. In the modern world where women go ahead by their merit, the home rule creates obstacles for women to go forward in society and the institutions and social relations are responsible for the inferior or secondary status of women. In the 21st century, with feminism and women empowerment waves all-around, the majority of women still believe that they can't be free from patriarchal ideology and dreams are just for dreaming.  



Founder's Note

Coming from a small town where there was no education facility, no growth, at 24 after completing my graduation, I was still exploring myself because compared to a city kid I was exposed to so many things very late but when I started rock climbing, I had no idea that my life would never be the same again. Practicing climbing has given me enough confidence and courage to fight for myself. Those days were the toughest day of my life, I was suffering from eating, sleeping disorders, and other personal problems when the idea of Project Wild Women came into my mind. I almost lost my confidence in doing better in my life. Those were the days when I was constantly reminded to get married or leave everything behind and return back to home. There were so much pain and anger but climbing became my escape. I started spending even more and more time to practice and it became a sort of a desire to free myself from the rules and limitations imposed by society.

And when Inspire Crew was founded I was very sure that the kind of problems I have faced in my life, I will always try my best and not let others face the same problems and struggles, because I believe in the idea that success has no age limit but I also believe that if you have the right kind of support one can achieve things at the early age and IC was born to support people practicing extreme and alternative sports in India.

In the beginning, IC was created only to promote women in extreme but later the idea restored to consciousness. IC now supports people in the outdoors regardless of age, gender, and social status. The reason was sensitive. Men play a very important role in bringing equality and if we separate them, we are unconsciously stopping us from creating a space where true feminism resides. So, I realized that instead of viewing sports with the perspective of males and females, we should start looking at them as athletes. 

Our Logo

INSPIRE CREW - Final Approved .png

The first reaction to Inspire Crew was “a symbolic expression" so we were excited about creating the logo. The Symbol is a result that is a breath-taking rendition of our name, the inner triangle representing the feminine, yoni, or Shakti, and the outer triangle depicts a progressive ascent of creative energy. The final rendition of this icon represents the feminine with the moving arrow depicting forward movement, progress, and dynamism. 


The colour, while the logo starts to bring our name to life and breathe more emotion into our identity, the colours we choose to use are endless. However, the one we officially relate to is the candy apple red, a vibrant mix of red and orange. Red has its association with courage, action, and bravery. While orange is considered a fun, light colour, and aids in the assimilation of new ideas and frees the spirit of its limitations, giving us the freedom to be ourselves.

What’s Picking Up in India

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