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"Growing up feeling powerless, watching other people decide my opportunities, lowered my own confidence before I even learned to grow with it".

What Culture partners with local organizations, brands, corporates and grassroots NGOs to help athletes achieve their goals by supporting them financially, mentorship, providing infrastructure facilities or helping them fulfilling basic necessities like education, health, physical or physiological training, implementing minimal lifestyle training programs, or run skill development workshops. We work with our partners to tailor each program to the specific development needs of each people, and it is our partners who implement these programs on the ground. Our goal is to move toward a model where we can forge sustainable partnerships with everyone in communities across the world who want to become a voice of change.


It’s not just an overnight story but it starts right at the moment when a girl is born. Be it from how her parents brought her up, peer pressure in pre-school, gender difference in the classroom and physical education classes, playing something in your locality, at home or anywhere, women were and are always forced to realize their limits, body types, outlooks, their strength, age, social values but they were never taught how to live their lives or live their passion: does not matter if it’s to be a housewife, doctor, footballer, mountain biker, rock climber, or maybe a sailor.



More than what a human should do to make one’s life better, society is more focused on making one realize what a girl can do and what she cannot e.g- At home when people shift utensils or things and when a girl tries to take up the opportunity and work then people will interfere and tell her, “let it be, it's heavy and you won’t be able to lift that but I will ask your brother to do it". In my case it was a bucket full of water, sometimes it was about pushing a washing machine towards the wall. People made fun of me that I can’t do pull-ups and push-ups. I am very sensitive but no one cares about how strong and self-dependent I can be and do what I can't do.


So, when someone is stopping you from doing these things, you can imagine the situation when one gets to know that the same girl wants to pursue her career in rock climbing or ice climbing. And by doing this you question one’s ability, does not matter if they are using those words unconsciously, but the fact is that these words can have a deep impact on someone else’s life and maybe this could become her reality that “SHE CAN NOT”- a special note from the founder (from her personal experiences)


"What Culture aims to shift the society towards a future that believes and practices equal opportunities, promotes empowerment by fostering inclusion for individuals and populations otherwise marginalised by social, ethnic, cultural or religious barriers."

Allow individuals to experience equality, freedom and empowerment

"Inspire Crew aims to shift the society towards a future that believes and practices equal opportunities and feel empowered. To achieve this IC intends to collaborate with various NGOs, brands, companies, sports groups, and athletes who can support and come together to create a common space for growth"

Donate your used gear!

The best opportunities are mostly skewed in favor of children and youth from more privileged backgrounds as it demands a heavy investment on equipment, travel, medical expenses, Insurance, diet etc.

The gear/equipment or any used goods you donate will be given to the right population who can't afford investment but will benefit greatly without letting their passion die.

So what are you thinking now?


Share Your Knowledge!


We blossom more with more right kind of exposure and collaborations. We are always looking forward to collaborate with NGOs, Sports groups, brands, experts and public figures to help everyone get exposure towards reality and help people attain new skills and direct towards development.

New interactions also build your confidence which completely correlates with an athletic journey.

So do you want to share your knowledge?




We are pursuing What Culture to be a people’s platform. While it’s too early to say what that final picture will look like but trust us, it’s constant work to get there. We are very sure we will come to publish our story of thriving pretty soon. Since we are here for thriving than surviving, we NEED you.


We welcome filmmakers, graphic artists (digital or otherwise), writers, storytellers, photographers and athletes to count a few to come from the front and be part of our story. 


Once we hear from you, we will ensure a quick conversation or elaborate discussion to take the collaboration to the next step. Waiting to hear from you all lovely people !!


Do you have questions?

We Are All Ears!

You have an idea? You want to know more? Oh wait! I know, you wanna join us and play an important role in making this big change, don’t you? Whatever it is, we are all ears for you! We even wanna know whether you think we are right or wrong, always room for criticism.

Drop your thoughts below! We’ll strike a convo…

Thanks for submitting!


What Culture works on various programs to promote and encourage the participation of people of all ages in sports as part of the outreach program with fun and creative sessions, self-sustainable life skills, team building programs with friendly practices; free from all sorts of discrimination, exchange programs, content creation, and promotion. Find out more about each program below.


Empower your community through extreme/gravity sports.


Understand the psychology behind dialogues and actions. 

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Corporate,Non-profit and individual partnership


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