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Arunchal Pradesh Skateboarding.jpg

Still from recent Arunachal Pradesh

skate trip from Benjiloma Skate park which is permanently closed now as owners were having financial crisis

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Rise & Shine fund will help those who want to rise practicing extreme/gravity sports for the overall growth who later will become a role model by growing themselves and the community.

We believe no professional career is a waste of time specially when it is about sports which has direct benefit in so many aspects of your existence but unfortunately, we don't give much importance to physical fitness.


We are proud to say that we are working towards creating an environment where we see how important a playground is and no sports is less than any other career goals. See our pictorial about areas to which sports can contribute


We want to make these sports affordable and approachable for those who really find belonging here and help them in every possible way to work on their ambitions and dreams.

This fund will help people from under-privileged backgrounds, of all gender in their overall growth until they find themselves in a space where they have become totally independent altogether growing with the sports.


Help us in achieving this vision.

Congratulations to the 2022 recipient of The Rise and Shine Fund – we’ll be sharing more about each of their journeys throughout 2022.

Shraddha Gaikwad

Shraddha will be aiming to compete at the trails of World Skate Games, 2022. We will be training her to recover from her past injuries, find her strength and consistency. Visit her profile for other details about her. 

You must be wondering extreme/gravity sports?


Physical fitness: It's very rare to see an unhealthy sports enthusiast. Sports like Longboarding, Skateboarding, Surfing, Stand Up Paddle, Snowboarding, Rock Climbing, Ice Climbing, Mountain Biking, Highline, Slackline etc. make your aware of overall check on your many health problems, because it work outs the core and increases physical endurance. It also keeps a check on many diseases which a person might encounter in future. An hour of intense session burns close to 500-700 Calories.



Mental health: Any of extreme/gravity sports is considered to be good stress buster as it clears your mind and increases concentration. It makes you strong mentally by increasing your will power, which comes from trying to learn a trick which takes hundreds of tries to learn. Whether it's BMX, snowboarding, skiing, skateboarding, rock climbing or any other sport, there are moments of mindfulness to be found when you try it every single time. In fact, this feeling of self-efficiency has such an incredible effect on our psyche that scientists have found it can even ease severe depression.



Overcoming fear and risk management: It takes lots of patience, endurance, discipline and presence of mind to progress in any of these sports. This gives the person a sense where he learns never to quit, access the danger of falling beforehand, art of controlling it and deal with minimizing the risk of any injury and try again even if that's her 50th fall. It also improves body balance, improves coordination in and helps to keep body flexible.



Sports and creativity- Any of these sports teaches us to be creative and take control of our own time. These sports are always considered as a doorway to freedom of Expression which is directly related to creating a better society.



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