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SUNITA CHAUHAN : Project Wild Women Kayak Athlete

Sunita Chauhan with Inspire Crew
Sunita Chauhan with Inspire Crew ©Inspire Crew

Name: Sunita Chauhan

Date of Birth: 10th August 1986

Hometown: Rishikesh, Uttrakhand

Sport: White Water Kayaking

Started Kayaking: 2013

Getting in position with Sunita ©Inspire Crew
Getting in position with Sunita ©Inspire Crew

How did you start or get introduced to Kayaking?

My elder brother is a very good kayaker, he inspired me to take on this sport. During my school days, I used to see some people kayaking, and I enjoyed it a lot. Since my uncle and brother were also practising this sport, I tried my hand at it too. That's the short story of how I started and, I love water and adventure.

What are the technical and protective equipment you use?

My kayak of choice from what we have, a kayak paddle. For protection, I use a life jacket, a helmet and a spray deck.

Who was your inspiration? is he/she still your favourite?

My Brother has and will always be my inspiration.

Sunita Chauhan ©Inspire Crew
Sunita Chauhan while riding ©Inspire Crew

Your biggest achievement thus far, including competitions?

When I won the first position at the Ganga Kayak Festival!

What has been your biggest and toughest trail so far?

During the same Ganga Kayak Festival, I had to do a 3+ grade rapid with a 25 ft high run up ramp.

What’s your training routine like?

In winter season mornings 7 am to 9 am.

Have you tried any other adventure sport?

So far I have tried rafting, kayaking, high rope course, trekking, skiing and like all kinds of adventure/ trail stuff.

Sunita with her son ©Inspire Crew
Sunita with her son ©Inspire Crew

How supportive has your family been towards this passion?

My family gives full support, they are the reason why I picked up this sport.

Tell us a little about your kids, do they kayak too?

My son loves water sports, waiting to see what his passion sport will be when he grows up.

Tell us a little about your journey with Inspire Crew.

Inspire Crew is doing a good job in highlighting the hidden stories of so many of these adventurous woman. Truly inspiring!

All images ©Inspire Crew



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