Sayali Miling Maharao is connecting with young girls at a school in nearby village from Pune.

By donating through our gift page, you can choose any product of your choice and the % of the amount will go to the needy and organisation.

With gift donation, our idea is not typical that we design some products and put them on our cart and you purchase it and done. But we desire to collaborate with homegrown designers, product makers, women who want to become independent so that they can at least fulfil their basic needs for herself, her kid or even to support her family.


Anu, a resident of Himachal, a housewife and a new mother is dependent on her family for everything and she has felt that pain when she needs anything or any help financially and she was denied and insulted. While talking to her, she said she can grow local kidney beans, make delicious pickles by herself and sell which will help her to generate some income and that money will help her to fulfil her little wishes to buy wools and make a beautiful sweater out of it for her kid, or help her father in his tough situation as COVID has taken a lot from everyone. She can have chocolates whenever she wants and support her kid's education as the place is known for winter sports and if she wonders if she can help raise her kid in that direction.


We will have some products from Assam and earnings will directly go to the kids living there so that they can have use that money to help themselves and play. We also aim to provide infrastructure and basic facilities that will help people to have a platform where they can come and practice by building a skate ramp, indoor climbing wall, outdoor schools.