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Joy of learning while exploring your deep self in nature with life- changing experiences. Our idea is to make you happy and responsible from the early ages.


100 % FUN

Studies show that indulging yourself in outdoor/gravity sports changes your entire perspective of seeing life with confidence and lets you learn to live in any situation.




Sports adds to the holistic development of individual as well as entire communities. It should be available for all.



You are precious in this

life and it should not be wasted by living your life indoors and  in a compromised manner.



Teach people the importance of how outdoor sports and physical activity can empower them to build on their competence and capabilities for life

A lot of people in India don't have proper knowledge about what is an extreme sport? How and under what circumstances it is being played and that unawareness brings a lot of hesitations and restrictions for those who actually want to participate in these sports and people who are already practising it.

Most often people ask: What is the future and how will you get benefited from it? Will it sustain your life?

The answer is yes. There are two types of practitioners: Those who play these sports in search of freedom and the reason is both social and physiological. But if you see another side of it, most of the extreme and gravity sports has their own place in the Olympics like Skateboarding, Sports Climbing, Skiing, Snowboarding, Longboarding, Freestyle BMX, Parkour, Surfing, Mountain Bike and the list goes on. In general, playing has a lot of uncountable benefits. Getting into outdoor and extreme sports will not only enhance the status of people but will also help them to achieve development objectives such as increasing access to education, healthcare, mental well being, tackling youth unemployment, drugs and alcohol addiction issues, or raising awareness around other social factors and interaction. 

Amit Subba.jpeg
Amit Subba with his students in his hometown


What Culture ambassador programme is designed to unite a community of passionate individuals from around the globe who are ready to break the stigmas surrounding extreme and gravity sports and turn their passion for equity of treatment into action. The ambassador programme encourages a way for new advocates to come together to learn about human psychology and response towards betterment, social poverty, develop leadership skills, and form new bonds with compassion. We aim to bring athletes from different sports, parents, schools, colleges, companies, and NGOs together which can help us implement development programs for kids and people of all ages to talk about how to make a conscious effort while upbringing them or later in their life and create an equal environment/opportunities.

What Culture study finds Out of 12 girls from the age of 8-20, all of them have talked about how they were fighting with peer pressure, fear, lack of confidence in decision-making skills which in comparison to boys is significantly more.