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Rock is my opponent says 10 years old Soumya Joshi

They teach me that whenever you fall do not stop, go on. The hurdles will come and go but you should stand and fight.”

Soumya’s parents, who own a manufacturing business and Soumya being the elder child, think that school and spoon-fed study are not education. Our lifestyle is changing and we should change ourselves if we want our child to be successful or to be a good survivor in this ocean. They want their children to understand the real meaning and hurdles of life. They say that the only thing we should do with our child is to treat them like a friend not like parents.

And by saying these words, Soumya’s father who himself was passionate about climbing says that when they found out about their daughters’ interest in climbing, they felt happy and without thinking much they started looking out for places where she can practice.

Soumya says that my approach to climbing was very unexpected. I remember in the summer of 2018, my father introduced me to trekking. Before that, I used to spend my weekends and holidays at home but now we started to go out almost every weekend near Pune and places like Harishchandragad, etc. While trekking, I came across small patches of rocks, where I started playing around. I used to climb up and then climb down. And with days I started enjoying it. My dad realized my interest in this and took me to Tailbaila for climbing. There I got the chance to climb a big rock patch sport route which was around 200 ft. That was the time when I ran to my dad and asked him to take me to different places where I can climb more and my journey of rock climbing starts.

Climbing location: Tailbaila
Climbing location: Tailbaila

And we came across an artificial wall in Shivaji Nagar and Chaturshrungi where I can practice. Meanwhile, my dad built a small wall for me at home where I can practice whenever I want. In this journey, I came to know that rock is becoming my friend with whom I can talk and he also allowed me to walk on it. Rocks are helping me to gain confidence and to achieve my targets.

Soumya says that there are so many challenges I face while climbing on different routes because I am still learning. I am learning different faces of the route and holds. But overall, height is my biggest fear. I get scared on almost every route but, I try not to panic as I know once I manage to control it and when I reach on top, it will be a moment of the day for me.

Her motivation is her baba(father), who is always there by her side when she is on a route. " As my coach and my baba say, rock is my opponent and I should win a fight, so the 2nd biggest motivation is taking falls if needed but be on the top at the end," says Soumya.

Every parent knows that the child means fun-loving and lazy. So, it is my duty to take care of both things and let Soumya learn the importance of time and life. Apart from this, I try to take her to outdoor climbing sessions to teach her rope, lead climbing techniques, and most important to overcome the fear which she has when she takes a fall.

Soumya and her father have already been to Belapur, Badami, and Tailbaila for climbing. When asked about one climb which she wants to talk about, Saumya says my ongoing project is in Belapur and the route is called LOTS OF FLIES. I started it well, however, in the middle of the route I fell and I hurt a little bit. Also because this route has so many cracks and till now, I haven’t climbed on cracks. so, I am learning so many new things and how to climb on a crack.

There is one very tricky move where I have to stretch my leg, that too a lot and my handhold is also one big open sloper. I have already tried this route 3 times but I couldn’t finish and now I will try that route again after my exam.

Soumya’s father says there is a lot of improvement I can see, The 1st and most important is understanding the beta by your own observation. Now she is able to do her own observation and her beta level is also improving.

Soumya has improved power endurance. Now, she is able to grip up open and small pinch holds also which are definitely important for any climber.

Her fear phobia is transmitting towards her gain point of motivation and confidence factor. Nowadays, she does not cry or stop climbing after a fall. We can observe a winning attitude in her, what else a parent wants.

Apart from climbing, Soumya is learning classical Bharatnatyam dance. She is in her 3rd year of Bharatnatyam. She has also done 4 stage shows till now. She says, "I like to dance on every Bollywood hit song".

Soumya’s mother understands the responsibility of supporting her child in a healthy way and she thinks that parents should not put a lot of burden of practice which knowingly or unknowingly kills their dream of doing things. Try to be a friend to them apart from being parents which by default you already are.

I would like to advise all my readers whether they practice rock climbing or not, they need to be brave and focused. I believe in hard work and sincerity. My only advice is to be dedicated to their goal whatever it could be and do hard work to achieve it.

Soumya on her attempt to Duke's Nose
Soumya on her attempt to Duke's Nose

This blog is a part of International women's Day, 2020. Inspire Crew wants to tell everyone that every day could be a women's day. Society should be encouraged to listen to what women and girls had to say. We should make everyone comfortable with their strength and weaknesses. Women were never weak but their upbringing made them weak. In today's world, those who have managed to overcome and fight stigmas are known to be great but we should know that we don't need to dress up to bring a change but to focus on how to encourage more women to be who they are and work on it to make a better version of themselves.

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Gary A
Gary A
Sep 22, 2022

Thanks great posst


Gary A
Gary A
Jul 02, 2022

Greatt post thankyou


Rama Nimmagadda
Rama Nimmagadda
Oct 07, 2021

Heartening story, this! Kudos to Soumya and her parents - great attitude, growth mindset. Also, fabulous job by inspire crew in providing such great coverage.


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