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Record Made with “Largest wave surfed (unlimited) – female”at 68' by Maya Gabeira!

Updated: Mar 14, 2022

After 9 months of thorough digging through twenty years of archives, Gabeira has been finally awarded the Guinness World Record title on October 2, 2018, at the opening ceremony of WSL’s Big Wave Tour Season. She also claimed the ‘Women’s XXL Biggest Wave Award’ at the inaugural of WSL.

Sourced from Maya Gabeira's facebook Page | Shot by Rafael G. Riancho
Sourced from Maya Gabeira's facebook Page | Shot by Rafael G. Riancho

Maya Gabeira took over a 68-foot wave at the beginning of this year (January 18, 2018), surfing right into the newest Guinness World Record in the ‘Largest wave surfed (unlimited)- female’ category.

Nazare, Portugal, infamous for its life taking waves is where Maya dodged her death in 2013. She not only made it to the shore with a broken tibia but also a broken dream of setting a world record at sea. Her motivation though, remained undefeated and with much stronger determination, this 31-year-old Brazilian worked hard to leave behind the haunting fears and got back on her board to face the beastly waves that stood between her and her win.

Back in the same waters of Nazare, Portugal this year, Gabeira reigned out of that avalanche of a wave, Victorious! Maya Gabeira’s extreme leap to take another shot at making a history that almost took her life in the previous attempt is a dark stroke of inner strength. An inspiring being banking on her inner inspirations.

Inspire Crew raises a salute and wishes for more such victories for Gabeira.



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