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Top 10 adventure sports for you before your FOMO kicks in

Updated: Mar 14, 2022

It has never been easier to experience and try out adventure sports than the time we live in today. The world feels a lot smaller now and destinations feel much closer. Every place is so well connected and the opportunities to explore have grown times over. Travelling has emerged as a common passion and adventure has become the new elixir.

Sayali Milind Maharao on the top of Kokankada with her beloved bicycle. Pic Credit: Mayuresh Mokal

People with years of experience in their own disciplines are innovating sports to keep up-ing their thrill in the love for the extreme. With social media's horizon expanding as much as the size of the Earth, it's almost a child’s play to reach out to people or companies to get started with.

Hey there Tenderfoot! Are you still holding onto that bucket list you made years ago? The time to tick them off is NOW! Here is a list of easy adventure and alternative sports you can get your ball rolling with, and who knows, soon you might just find yourself getting hooked on to all those badass people out there and feature with Inspire Crew.

Tribhuvan Kokkula while practicing trick in wall ride, a skate park in Hyderabad. Pic Credit: Kopal Goyal

Skateboarding and Longboarding: If not easily available in any sports or gear shop, maybe give a shot to online shopping to find your ideal board. With the recent gain in popularity, you are in luck to find a variety. Gift yourself the opportunity to fall in love with a new sport, a new you. Need some tips? Want some guidance? Inspire Crew team is here to help you to learn things.

Skiing & Snowboarding: Lucky again! It's the perfect time of the year for Skiing and Snowboarding. The winter snowballs are rolling down, the snows glistening and calling you to come wear the adventure crown. There are many schools around the globe that open up specifically for this season. Their courses range from one day to a month’s session and gives a good enough reason to get with the outdoors.

Ashwani Zutshi riding high in Sethan in Himachal Pradesh. Pic Credit: Inspire Crew

Surfing & Stand-Up Paddling: Hmmm… So you are not so much for the cold and love the Sun? A beach bum? Surfing and Stand-Up Paddling in the sea/ ocean will totally be your forte. The Earth being covered with 71% water, you will definitely have more scope getting this skill under your wing. The chase of the waves is quite the energetic game and if you’re a water baby, this is where you should begin.

Aneesha Nayak never ever misses a wave. Pic Credit: Inspire Crew

Kayaking: This one’s for people who love both the calm and the storm. At times choose to gently flow with the stream, the other times dodge the rapids in speed. Enjoy the blissful ride that the strong currents of rivers take you on, till you reach your Cliff destiny to dive-off.

Sunita Chauhan knows how to maintain her personal and professional duties all together: Pic Credit: Sunita Chauhan

Scuba Diving & Snorkeling: Yep! There’s no end to the number of water sports mankind has invented. So if you aren’t a water baby already, we hope you are going to turn into one after reading this article. We witness the scenic beauty of landscapes more commonly. These two sports open up your eyes to the magnificent life, colour and habitat underwater. You can also become a certified underwater diver in a matter of months. And then rely on your free will to go explore.

Archana Sardan doing underwater inspection. Pic Credit: Archana Sardana

Bungee Jumping & Skydiving: If heights don’t overwhelm you at all, then let Bungee Jumping be your domain. Experience the free-fall while being suspended by a chord and within a matter of 10 secs you’d be hopelessly longing to do it once more. And if the 10 secs adrenaline is not enough, how about a dive from 12,000 ft. up above? Skydiving has fast gained popularity over the recent years and more people are certifying in this sport. Gives you enough reasons to tick it off your board.

Archana Sardana Base Jumping with the Indian Flag
Archana Sardana Base Jumping with the Indian Flag

Paragliding & BASE Jumping: Have you ever looked at an eagle and wanted to be one? Always wanted to have that bird’s eye view while you glide through the sky, between the mountains and the valleys? BASE Jumping is the ultimate sport. But while it involves a lot of life-taking risks and requires years of experience, Paragliding is a more immediate option. You can try an experience with a certified pilot and then chose to get certified yourself.

Slacklining or Highlining: Are you and your friends often bored within your limits and wondering what to do on weekends? All you need are two steady poles or anchors wide apart, a webbing tape and a geared ratchet. Set up your own slacklines and dare your friends on a round of balance.

Tanmayi Gidh doing highline which is advanced of slackline. Pic Credit: Tanmayi Gidh

Mountain Biking: Cycling is no longer fun enough? How about an off-beat ride on uneven terrains? It’s quite nerve-wracking at first, but practice makes one perfect. Get yourself a promising ride and safety gears to secure your life. Start out with shorter distances and steadier grounds. With time you will be confident and find yourself completing tougher rounds.

Anissa Lamare riding her mountain bike in one of her favorite location. Pic Credit: Anissa Lamare

Trail Running: When you are bored with city life and need some fresh air and scenic beauty to give pleasure to your eyes, then running is the best option. If you want to explore your limits more then trail running is what you need to go for. Get the feel of running on steeper and gradient surface.

Monica M. Becerril Ugalde running through trails in Maharashtra. Pic Credit: Monica Becerril

While the world’s busy abbreviating their feelings into YOLOs (You Live Only Once) and FOMOs (Fear Of Missing Out), work on boosting your own skills and spring out into the outdoors. Work life's tedious and you always needs a change in vibe, let these adventure sports bring you to life.

Author’s BIO:

Growing up amidst the tiny lanes and concrete surroundings in ‘The City of Joy’, she responds to the call of the mountains and the whistles of the seas as often as her career path permits. She is an Old Soul, sometimes walking her solitary path in search of the foolish freedom that imbibes the responsibilities of the unknown. A chef’s daughter with the natural stroke of a gourmet, she allows her taste buds to explore from the local to the most exotic cuisines in and around her circumambience. She is an activist for the environment with strong moral convictions and a dreamer to dwell amongst nature’s lasting happiness.


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