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ANAM SULTANA : Project Wild Women Skateboarding Athlete

Anam Sultana for Project Wild Women ©Inspire Crew
Anam Sultana for Project Wild Women ©Inspire Crew

Name: Syeda Anam Sultana

Popularly Known As: Anam

Hometown: Hyderabad, India

Age as of 2018: 24

Start skateboarding: In 2012

Favourite Athlete: Many actually, Mariah Duran, Lacey Baker, Shane o'Neill to name a few.

Trying out the pump track at Wallride Park, Hyderabad.©Inspire Crew
Trying out the pump track at Wallride Park, Hyderabad.©Inspire Crew

When was the first time you came across a skateboard or skateboarding?

The very first time was when I was maybe 12 years old. I even got myself a setup back then but it broke pretty soon.

And did it interest you instantly or is there an interesting story behind your passion for skateboarding?

I saw a video online of kids with dreadlock shredding. I thought I want to try skateboarding too because by then I had already done roller blading and quad skating. Turns out the video I saw was, (now a) pro Nyjah Huston when he was little.

Your favourite skate trick as off date is?

As of today I can saw kick-flip cause I just landed it for first time few hours back. Though I really like to try board slide. That's is also probably the next thing I'm going to try.

©Inspire Crew
Out on the streets trying a kickflip ©Inspire Crew

Do you have a favourite music track to skate to?

Not really.

Which has been your favourite city to skate in?

I haven't travelled to a lot of places to say that. I wish I can this coming year. But I do want to try the Madras skate-park.

Name one thing you are willing to trade to own your dream skateboard? and what makes that skateboard so special?

Well as of yet I don't have anything of that sort, cause it's a board and it's bound to break.

We always hear about people picking up skateboarding and dropping it as a side hobby, what keeps you going?

Well that's the thing skateboarding you just get back and try again cause when you do get the trick, you're in a whole different universe, extremely satisfied and smiling away stupidly to yourself.

©Inspire Crew
©Inspire Crew

Did you face any failures or challenges so far that pushed you to the verge of giving up?

Many a times I would forget the tricks I had down because I couldn't skate as often which would piss me off at times cause I would just go back to square one. Even now I have mental battle as to how I should be dividing my time cause I have to prep for my post grad entrance exam but with skateboarding I have come so far I don't want to give any break, it reminds me of undergrad days and the thought of going back to square one is scary.

How supportive has your family been towards this passion?

Well they couldn't have been more supportive. My brother even got me my setup with his first salary.

What convinced them to let you carry on with this sport?

They know I have always been the athletic kind. But for mom she wants me to do things I want and not face what she had when she was my age.

Do you dream to pursue skateboarding as a career?

One can dream of course. I do like the idea but I am a doctor and like I said I'm still trying hard to balance it out so my skate progress is slow to make that decision as of yet.

©Inspire Crew
Indian Female Skateboarder ©Inspire Crew

Tell us a little about your journey with Inspire Crew.

It was something unexpected. I didn't sleep that day I got a call from Kopal. The shoot itself was so much fun. I am desperately waiting to meet the rest of the athletes having heard all about them. And am looking forward to all the things in store and hope Inspire Crew accomplishes everything and more.

During your span of skateboarding you have met many fellow boarders and involve with such communities. What kind of support do you and your buddies lack to continue to pursue with


There should be support for local skaters to pursue it further. More skate parks coming up is good for the skate scene, for companies to invest and sponsor the skater's even more.

Lastly, Any word of advice for your fellow skateboarders?

Thank you for always cheering on me!

All images ©Inspire Crew



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