India's participation on Go Skateboarding Day

Sitting in a chair, trying to connect with every Indian state skateboarding group for a photo from the day. The idea is to let people know how does it look like when India celebrate an art of pure exhilaration and spirit which is one of the most influential activity in the world.

Kovalam gems. Pic credit: Vineeth Vijayan

In recent years we have seen the evolution of skateboarding in India. And it is interesting to see the commitment skateboarders have shown towards the growth of the community.

It started back in 2006 when Nick Smith visited India and built a small skate bowl in Goa which is also known as the birthplace of Indian skate. This became a destination for skate lovers from all around the world. And today the number has grown in the country. Wait a second.. do skateboarders really need skate parks? Yes! But how about doing it anywhere?

Resuienla longkumer from Nagaland enjoying some skate time in Delhi.

Go Skateboarding Day (GSD) is an annual holiday created by the International Association of Skateboard Companies (IASC) to promote skateboarding with the objective to encouraging young people to get outside and practice the sport. The holiday was started in California by Don Brown and is held on June 21, which is also the longest day of summer and turns out, it is International Yoga Day as well.

Ranju Chingambam from Manipur doing Ollie over the rail!! Pic credit: Elevatemanipur

Last year, when I visited Manipur I was stunned to see all of them. The way they get together while skateboarding is full of passion and love.

Shraddha from Pune shredding it all. Pic credit: Gokul Krishnan

Shraddha Gaikwad is one of the promising skateboarder from the Pune group.

Mumbai boarders at NRI skatepark. Pic credit: Russell Lopez

Almost thousands of young guns from nationwide, memorialise this day in India. Let's have a look.

Speaking to Tyler (a skateboarder) founder of Hucko, a platform to promoting skateboarding, based out in Guwahati, he said,''We started our event at the central mall in Guwahati, skated for a while and then we went to the streets. It was raining, so we went to another spot and that's where we did our first trick and everything. We did a competition for like whoever does the best trick over the stairs will get a 200 bucks. This turned out to be fun. After that we went to the skate park.”

Riddhi from Bangalore enjoying her day. Pic credit: Amit Subba

Riddhi is one of the student of Amit Subba who himself is a prominent skateboarder. He has been sharing his expertise since 4 years in Bangalore's Cubbon Park, MG road and Whitefield Decathlon and Play Arena.

Another one from Amit Subba's classes. Pic credit: Pragalbh Vashishth

He says, Riddhi has been skateboarding more than 1 year and she comes for my class every Sunday. She started skateboarding with her mom and aunt. Lots people come around to do exercises, jogging, taking dog for walk etc . It has a very cool vibe also my students loves it.

Persistence, Practice, Patience, Progress= PHURBA, our pride. Pic credit: Skate Konnect

For Sikkim, skateboarding has a different meaning in the lives of the skateboarders here. This sport was introduced to the youth who were struggling with drug addictions. Skateboarding has proved to become a coping mechanism for these people and they have been diligently spending their time getting better at the sport.

You can also make donations to strengthen Sikkim Skateboarding community. Pic Credit: Skate Konnect

Skate konnect was founded in 2016 by 5 skateboarders Tenzing, Anish, Namgyal, Lobzang & Johanan with an aim to promote skateboarding in Sikkim and the North Easter part of India. Now Skate Konnect has more than 55 skateboarders and is active in 2 districts of Sikkim, East and South (Gangtok & Namchi). We have a total of 8 girl skateboarders says Tenzing Tsundue.

This picture was taken at Art of Delight ( Bar), Bangalore on Go Skateboarding Day. Pic credit: Abhimanyu Singh. This skateboarding photography and street art exhibition was curated by Poornabodh and the 13K Crew.

Kovalam muse. Pic credit: Vineeth Vijayan

For the Kovalam kids, it wasn’t as expected. Sadly, they couldn't do much due to the rains. Though later, they made up by heading to the beach and cleaning up the trash during their skateboarding session hours.

Goa boarders. Pic Credit: Samuel Ferreira and Siddhant Vas

Goa skateboarders celebrated Go Skate Day by skating their favourite spots in Panjim, Anjuna and Assagaon. It was an open event for all the skateboarders. The essence of it all though was to just meet, eat, skate and have a good time together. We started at 11am and went on into the late hours of the night says Anveer Mehta.

Don't miss going through our gallery for some kick-ass photos from nationwide.

Thank you to all the skateboarding groups and people for sharing all the photos with Inspire Crew.

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