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Guwahati skate meet and next stop is Itanagar

Updated: Mar 19, 2022

It was a super quick event, to be honest, but really impactful. I saw how a few effective people can get together and can make a better impact. There were skaters from Shillong, Tripura, Guwahati and Dibrugarh. Since the skaters were less in number there was more time to interact with each other.

This whole event was about pushing the Guwahati skate scene and we got to see lots of skaters from Guwahati who usually don’t come out but that day they came for the event. The event took place in the Khanapara walking zone in Guwahati. It’s a big open road, very friendly to do all sorts of activities. It was more like an open event. Anyone could randomly walk in and get some tips to skate or get more information about skateboarding in India. We got a good response from the crowd and had lots of random spectators.

During the event, we had a small workshop, competition and some giveaways by Drops Apparel and Red Bull supported with drinks and music. Also, we were accompanied by some amazing BMXers, BBoys and parkour athletes. They did some of their showcases as well. The whole event went from 12 pm to around 7 pm. We were super stoked to be skateboarding so long on a huge open road.

On the second day, we all gathered at the skatepark at around 10 am at the Maligaon Railway stadium skatepark. The skatepark was closed but luckily we got 1hr time to skate. It was super fun as we got to skate the ramps after a long time. The Maligaon skatepark has everything. From rails to flat bars, bumps and different kinds of transitions. We managed to get some clips and then on our way back we skated on one amazing downhill by the riverside.

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