Our Crew

Shilpi Sharma

Photographer/ Filmmaker

She is a Delhi based wedding filmmaker and a photographer. She helped to shoot Skiing in Manali.

You can check out her work at: StoryMonk

Paul Rosolie

Conservationist and author

Paul Rosolie is an American conservationist and author. He generously helped with Gowri's Interview and part of her rock climbing scenes in USA.

You can follow him: Instagram

Jied Nongkynrih


He is a Shillong based photographer. He contributed his skill and time for Downhill Mountain Biking shoot.


You can connect with him: Instagram

Shivam Aher


He is one of the very few filmmakers who understand the motion in the outdoors and with his films he is setting up new goals for himself and for the community. He volunteered with his time and skill for Longboarding, Trickline shoot.

Watch him: YouTube Channel

Rick Meloff


Rick has generously and very kindly offered his services for Freeride Mountain Bike shoot. He is the owner and founder of One Cut Media  which produces many of the inspiring bike  clips found on social media. He's also a big advocate for women on bikes.

You can find: One Cut Media

Praveen Jayakaran


Praveen has been raising the bar with his photography vision​ and he shot Ice Climbing with Kopal in Kaza.

Follow his work at: Instagram

Tribhuvan Kokkula


He is a Hyderabad based skateboarder and he helped shooting with Go-pro with his skateboarding skill.

Follow him: Instagram

Nadia Gomes

Outdoor Enthusiast

Despite doing a full time job she came forward to contribute her time for Project Wild Women and she not only helped Kopal to shoot Anissa's interview but has also contributed her time for writing down subtitles, has written so many blogs in IC and was associated for a long time.

Khaba Maimom


He is Manipur based professional longboarder and he helped with longboarding shooting with Antima Bisht. 

Follow him: Instagram

Raman Verma


He helped in shooting Longboarding in Pune.

Follow him: Instagram

Michael Petersen

Footage Contributor, Bouldering

Manush John

Footage Contributor, Rock Climbing


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