1. How can I watch the film?

  • You need to visit Inspire Crew

  • After that login with your email ID or Google/Facebook Sign up

  • Make the payment.

  • Now you will see the player will give you "PLAY VIDEO" option. 

  • Now you are ready to watch the film.

2. How to cast the film on TV/Projector using Google Chrome Cast?

2.1. Using an Android phone:

  • Open Google Home App

  • Open your TV/Projector device

  • Choose "CAST MY SCREEN" option

  • Open your browser and play the film in full screen.




























































2.2. Using a Laptop or PC on the same WiFi or Router as a casting device (Follow the instructions below):

3. How much does it cost?


4. How many payment options are available?

  • PayPal (National & International)

  • Razor Pay (National & International)


5. For how much time it will be available?

72 hours from the time of purchase.

6. How many times can I watch the film in 72 hours?

Multiple times before your rental time expires.

7. I am watching the film and now I feel that I will watch other films later. Is this possible?

Yes, It is possible. You just need to make sure you are logged in from the same account to access the purchase again and enjoy other films within 72 hours.


8. Can I share my login ID with multiple people?

Well, you can but we advise you to not share it to more than 2 people. Maintain ethics because we have been working on bringing this film to you very passionately.


9. Can we stream on TV?

Yes, you can stream on your casting device but only if your browser supports screen casting.

For instructions check question no. 2(2.1)

10. Can I cancel the purchase?

No. You can not cancel the purchase but in case of any double purchase or any technical issues, you can write to us on info@inspirecrew.com


11. Can we screen the film to masses such as community gathering, college, school, festivals?

Yes, we have a separate segment for this type of demand. 

12. Can I purchase the film?

Yes, We have a separate package for that.


13. How can I contact you for any inquiry?

Write to us on info@inspirecrew.com

Contact Numbers - 9999458928



14. How to write reviews or feedback after watching the films?

Write to us at info@inspirecrew.com

We would love to hear from you.

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