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We run various programs to promote and encourage more participation of people of all ages: Development programs for the younger kids with their parents as part of the outreach program with fun and creative sessions, self-sustainable life skills, team building programs with friendly practices; free from all sorts of discrimination, exchange programs, content creation, and promotion. Find out more about each programs below.


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Development programme

We aim to partner with a group of parents, organizations, schools, and primary-level NGOs which can help us designing and implementing development programs for younger kids along with their parents to talk about how to make a conscious effort while upbringing their kids to create an equal environment/opportunities.

As per the study, the difference between genders, their behaviour, and development has more to do with life experiences that they do with gender- and in order to reach his/her full potential, your kids need lots of attention and encouragement from the beginning of when their brains start developing.

Life skill & Team building programme

Because we have very fewer people who are currently practising extreme and gravity sports in India and have very few representations. As they grow, there is no one to guide/assist them in their personal, professional growth and this impacts their lives in many ways. Some quit playing a sport and live their life with half-hearted moments and some keep struggling.

This program will be designed in a way where they will seek proper guidance about life skills and team building programs which can help them to seek financial independence without sacrificing love for their sport with friendly practices while at the same time promoting creating an equal playground for all; free from all sorts of discrimination.

Under this programme, Inspire Crew will also support athlete management because we understand the significance of it as the founder of Inspire Crew itself has experienced the lack of it being in the system. Find out more about Inspire Crew's brilliant athlete here. 

Content creation and promotion

While encouraging more people to come out of their comfort zone and participate outdoors, capturing their story and let other people know is an extraordinary task. So, we aim to bring everyday stories of people who practice extreme and outdoor sports in India, competitions and casual events, films that have been talking about athletes and their journey.

Adventure films, photography, Gravity sports, lifestyle

Read untold, uncovered adventure stories from the corners.




Priyanka Rana, a kayaker from Uttrakhand
Priyanka Rana, a kayaker from Uttrakhand

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Amit Subba "Death Sliding"
Amit Subba "Death Sliding"

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Kriti Gupta tic tacking
Kriti Gupta tic tacking

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Priyanka Rana, a kayaker from Uttrakhand
Priyanka Rana, a kayaker from Uttrakhand

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