Introducing ourselves, by Inspire Crew

We've been saying it, screaming it for the past three days, 'WE HAVE EXCITING NEWS TO SHARE" and to our followers we revealed our newly designed logo! We introduced our symbolic representation, but here we tell you what it means and a little bit about ourselves, Inspire Crew.

Our story starts such that back in 2017, in the second half of the year, our founders Kopal & Zhen serendipitously met each other (sometimes the internet can make good things happen). This is when Project Wild Women was the whole and sole purpose of all efforts. A documentary featuring 16 women athletes across 12 extreme sports in India.

Over time, after having our proof of concept for ourselves, we launched Inspire Crew. Bringing together two highly and differently skilled women to create a platform that is quickly evolving to create a full circle of offerings in the outdoor and adventure industry for India. Our prerogative is to create a platform to put forward and advance the involvement of women in these sports and related ecosystems, to empower girls & women through sports.

Our logo, one of our first order of business we had to tackle with: the foundation of our visual identity. We engaged with Cheree Tree Concepts to help bring our vision to life. During our process, the first reaction to Inspire Crew was “a symbolic expression” so we were really excited about creating this.

Inspire Crew
Inspire Crew Logo

The Symbol, is a result that is a breathtaking rendition of our name, the inner triangle representing the feminine, yoni or shakti and the outer triangle of a progressive ascent of this creative energy.

The Color, while the logo starts to bring our name to life and breathe more emotion into our identity, the colours we chose to use will be endless, however the one we officially relate to is the candy apple red, a vibrant mix of red and orange. Red has its association with courage, action and bravery, while orange is considered a fun, light colour and aids in the assimilation of new ideas and frees the spirit of its limitations, giving us the freedom to be ourselves.

And we’re thrilled to show you what comes next.

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