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We welcome our Project Wild Women screening host. We look forward to working with you so that together we can make this world a larger playground. After getting so many inquiries about hosting PWW screening in different cities, countries, places, and groups, we are very happy to announce the idea of open screening. Hosting a PWW screening will be super fun and empowering as you will help us introduce it to people and motivate them to join the extreme and alternative sports in India.

Also, feel free to write if you have any queries. We would love to answer each and every question.

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For example: As an individual, family, NGO, school, university, fundraising, other.

For example inspiring youth, engaging my community in action, hosting a fundraiser, inviting a panel of local representatives, outdoor education etc...

Frequently asked questions about the screening

Will someone from Inspire Crew team will help to host the screening?

Yes. By sharing tips to lead an impact-driven event. We want to make sure the purpose of hosting the sreening and the message Inspire Crew wants to deliver through Project Wild Women gets delivered in a way. We may or may not travel to different places. PWW screening host are completely in charge of putting on a great event, including finding a venue, choosing right screen, audio, ticket sales and promotion.

How much charge does it cost to host a screening?

We will charge a basic amount for sharing the licence to host the screening. Whatever amount we charge, will be used to fulfill inspire crew mission.

Where can I host PWW screening?

You can host PWW screening anywhere. Corporate offices, gatherings, sport gyms, universities, colleges, schools, cafes, NGOs hotels, sports festivals,while travelling with proper screening and favourabel audio system.

Will Inspire Crew provide promotion material to help make this a great evening?

Yes. We will share:

  1. Press kit
  2. 1 digital poster for the organiser
  3. Digital sticker design to print and distribute
  4. Feedback sheet

Suggestions for hosting a screening!

  1. Make sure whatever place you decide to host the screenig should be comfortable enough so that viewers don't get disturbed.
  2. As the documentary is 40 min long, using a good projector and sound system will help people to engage with the documnetary in a better way.
  3. Host should be able to talk about the film before and after the screening as this gives an extra room to deliver the message in a nice way and engage audience.


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