‘Why?’ is never allowed to be uttered when elders dictate and you are expected to do something you never understood; something that is not in your favour. Growing up feeling powerless, watching outsiders decide your opportunities, stripped you off your own confidence before you even learned to spell it.

Inspire Crew was formed as a voice to empower women through alternate, extreme and outdoor sports in India. Our ongoing project, ‘Project Wild Women’ covers 14 Indian women across 11 different extreme and alternative sports. It is a documentary film with the essence of philosophical meditation on deeper questions. The film reflects upon the meaning of being a female extreme sports athlete in India and why it is important to be in this path. This film encloses how women, despite their pre-decided boundaries have broken through the mainstream and achieved what was never imagined.

Inspire Crew aims to shift the society towards a future that believes and practices equal opportunities.




Inspire Crew story starts back in the second half of 2017. This is when Project Wild Women was the whole and sole purpose of all efforts, a documentary featuring 14 women athletes across 11 extreme sports in India. Over time, after having the proof of concept for ourselves, Inspire Crew got launched. Our prerogative is to create a platform to put forward and advance the involvement of women in sports and related ecosystems.

In 2018, we launched our logo. During this process, the first reaction to Inspire Crew was “a symbolic expression" so we were excited about creating the logo. The Symbol is a result that is a breath-taking rendition of our name, the inner triangle representing the feminine, yoni or Shakti and the outer triangle depicts a progressive ascent of creative energy. The final rendition of this icon represents the feminine with the moving arrow depicting forward movement, progress, and dynamism. 


The colour, while the logo starts to bring our name to life and breathe more emotion into our identity, the colours we chose to use will be endless. However, the one we officially relate to is the candy apple red, a vibrant mix of red and orange. Red has its association with courage, action, and bravery. While orange is considered a fun, light colour and aids in the assimilation of new ideas and frees the spirit of its limitations, giving us the freedom to be ourselves.



Extreme and alternative sports is an armour these women athletes wear to go against the barriers, stand before a biased society and take control over their own lives. They are ignited by the fighting spirit to win their freedom and make a choice that is of their own.


All you need is just one person to believe in the change for good, and that one person is YOU. Project Wild Women is an inspiration and a motivation for people across the globe to participate and feel empowered through sports.


Inspire Crew’s role is to be a vessel for this change. This platform focuses on identifying athletes and creating opportunities for them to pursue their sports, fundraising, and exchange programmes. The intention is also to collaborate with organisations and you to support and grow the sports community, especially extreme and alternative sports athletes.


The plan is to organize a worldwide screening of this documentary with interactive sessions and sports clinics. Inspire Crew is also working to make it to as many film festivals possible to reach the masses.


14 extreme and alternative sports women athletes across India have come together to tell their story, they deserve to be heard. They have made the bold move to stand up for themselves and pave a gateway for all of us; girls and women to take the plunge and make their identity.


Project Wild Women comes with a message of support, empowerment, and freedom.


Project Wild Women brings you HOPE!



Kopal Goyal


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The excitement of producing a work of art that involves challenges convinced Kopal to leverage her creativity with the camera for causes that go unnoticed. She is a rock climber and an extreme sports documentary filmmaker. 


Volunteering and helping us make it through!


Zhen Paintal


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She has been part of the growth alternative sports community in the country for a couple of years. Along with her past experiences of working with startups and different organizations she has been able to help us launch off and continues to help us on an advisory level. Her passions now circle around a sustainable future.



"It totally fires me up to see this project series, which showcases desi girls defying expectation and bending all the rules. I'm thrilled to see what you are doing, giving this generation a voice to be the bad asses they are.''

— Anita Naidu

“When I was working with an outdoor company I wished if something like this existed, I felt like starting one but then I wanted it to be an all-women only crew, I honestly didn't have a hope that something like this will happen any soon, but the moment I landed on your page, I was so happy”.

— Shivam Aher

''Great to know you guys. It's an amazing idea. I am a martial artist by passion & profession. By the time we realize we realize our potential and start dreaming, social marriage pressure. We all should pass that obstacle and follow our passion. Keep raising the bar and shine bright''.

''I was looking for motivation in my life and was searching things and when you saw the trailer of Project Wild Women you realized that this is one you were looking out for and your search for finding motivation ended there.''

— Uma Bagla

— Monica Mastana



We Are All Ears!

You have an idea? You want to know more? Oh wait! I know, you wanna join us and play an important role in making this big change, don’t you? Whatever it is, we are all ears for you! We even wanna know whether you think we are right or wrong, always room for criticism.

Drop your thoughts below! We’ll strike a convo…


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empowering women through extreme and outdoor sports

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